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3 Steps For An Irresistible B2B Social Media Presence

B2B social media

2 years ago

By Jess Goulart

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 6.19.13 PM

Can you guess what kind of company featured the photos above in their Instagram gallery?

You’re probably thinking research center, travel company, or some kind of B2C design brand, but they are actually from the Instagram of B2B company and pharmaceutical giant, Novartis.

Even though consumers don’t typically think of a pharmaceutical company as socially engaging, Novartis managed to craft a captivating content strategy that highlights the connection between nature, medicine and humanity.

Their vision and hard work have paid off too – they have over 26K followers.

B2B brands that are focused only on LinkedIn for their social media are missing a massive opportunity. Traditional B2B marketing tactics, while still important, must now be complemented by a strong social presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Because B2B buyers are also B2C buyers, and they are trained to expect a great business to have a great social presence, no matter what the business sells. That presence also has valuable commerce functions; it serves as another touchpoint along the increasingly complex buyer’s journey, it establishes a recognizable brand identity, and it acts as a medium for communication between business and customer.

If you are a B2B business, here is how to craft an irresistible B2B social media strategy in three easy steps.

1. Identify what value you can give to your followers.

Compelling social media for a brand is such because it brings value to its followers, and that is why it grows.

To decide how best to bring value, consider your target audience. What do they care about? What do they think about? What will get their attention?

Don’t simply retweet Forbes articles – Forbes already does that. Instead, offer a unique perspective on those articles, ideally one that your intended audience will find relatable or insightful.

For example, Econsultancy is a subscription based marketing education platform that does an excellent job of incorporating humor into their twitter feed:

B2B social media strategy

Pro tip: humor is a relatively unexplored tactic for B2B social media, and when done in an appropriate, industry specific way it is always a powerful means of capturing public attention.

2. Admire, copy and improve upon.

Once you’ve decided on your value offer, find three businesses with social media strategies that take a similar approach, copy the best features of each, and combine them to create your own.

There are countless resources online that showcase the creative and interesting ways B2C businesses use social media. Start there, and adapt.

Take for example the (brilliant) B2B Twitter account featured below:

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 1.12.01 PM

Though real and relevant news is being delivered, it’s done so in an eye-catching and unique way.

3. Be socially diligent.

It’s ironic how many businesses forget the basic foundation on which social media was built – the foundation from which it derives its name – to succeed in social media, one must be social.

After you know what your value offer is (#1) and how you are going to deliver it (#2) you’re ready to get the attention of your target audience.


Engage with them! Follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram – like their posts, respond to their commentary, share their content. You know how much you want people to engage with you on social media (that’s why you’re reading this article!) well, your audience feels the same way.

Don’t be afraid to let them know you are listening to them and, if they take the time to explore your brand, they will discover your content is exactly what they are looking for.

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