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How outsourcing can sustainably boost your bottom line

3 years ago

By Barrie Lambert, Director - Strategy & Business Intelligence

Clients and consumers today demand 24/7 service from their business partners and brands. How can your company adapt to this new round-the-clock model in a sustainable and profitable way?
Tapping into global talent may be the best answer.

Moreover, in these uncertain times companies are keen to tighten purse strings whilst balancing service and delivery quality. Recent articles published by industry thought-leaders discussed the subject of outsourcing, which may deliver credible solutions.

Companies should regularly look inward and ask fundamental questions such as: “Are we operationally lean and efficient?” If they are being truthful, in most cases the answer will be “no”.

What’s the solution? Is there a safe and reliable alternative? Often the answer is “yes”.

Here are three simple questions to consider as part of your inward company evaluation of its outsourcing potential:

  • Assuming the work does not require a high level of human interaction, can it be carried out away from its current location?
    • If the work doesn’t involve a high level of human interaction and it can be carried out away from your facility, then work could be outsourced.
  • Is the work electronic or web-driven?
    • If the work can be delivered via the Internet, it can be outsourced. As technology continues to evolve and change the workplace, there are constantly more efficient and faster ways of doing business.
  • Is the work something that someone else could do?
    • When evaluating core in-house activities you should ask: “Is this a job that only one of my full-time members of staff has the skills or expertise to do?” If the answer is again “no” you should start to seriously consider the option of outsourcing this activity.

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