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Introducing “BEATS”: The Automated Testing That Can Save Your Ecommerce Budget

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2 years ago

By Ramesh Patel

There is much debate around the merits of manual versus automated testing for ecommerce projects, but after we successfully cut implementation costs for our clients in every sector by automating testing, we here at BORN have decided to fully embrace it.

Because ecommerce projects are built out incrementally they demand an extraordinary level of agility – one that is achievable only through consistent automated tests. These tests reduce the risk that newly developed features could break existing functionality, which would result in a higher level of regression bugs being reported. The automated tests also ensure regression defects from previous sprints are caught quickly and efficiently.

What’s more, when a computer is used to test:

The automated testing is faster.
It has better accuracy and predictability.
The necessary testing window is reduced.
It allows for more automation when used in conjunction with a delivery pipeline such as Bamboo or Jenkins.

Ultimately, a higher quality product is produced while also saving time and budget.

Automated Delivery Pipeline

Automated Delivery Pipeline

So why don’t more people develop with automated testing?

I think it comes down to skills. The Quality Assurance tester needs to be a coder who is capable of doing a deep dive into the scripting but also has an expert level understanding of the commerce platform.

With higher skills there is a slightly higher cost, which is (of course) a deterrent.

However, there are significant savings at the end of the project as it enters into maintenance mode, since the regressions are all done by the scripts and only new features need to be automated.

With automated testing we have found:

At least 40% less regression testing efforts during SIT and UAT.
At least 90% less regression testing efforts for Support & Maintenance Projects.
At least 70% faster test scripts creation over other test automation frameworks.

Clearly automated testing has incredible benefits, which is why we’ve spent the past year working on an internal project called BEATS; BORN E-Commerce Automation Test Suite. The differentiator in the BEATS project is that we have standardized the scripts to remain platform agnostic and use standard keywords so that a manual tester can execute the scripts simply by filling in a form. This means that a manual and possibly less skilled tester can run the automated tests without having detailed knowledge of the scripts, further reducing costs without sacrificing quality.

BEATS Savings

BEATS Savings

Time For Automated Script Creation

Time For Automated Script Creation

If you’d like to learn more about the BEATS project and how it can help reduce testing costs, please get in touch with us at contactny@borngroup.com.

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