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Magento 2: Performance Report

DateSep 25,2017

With Magento extending its support for M1, many businesses may well be considering delaying a planned upgrade from M1 to M2. Before doing so there are other factors that will need to be considered, even with this continued support from Magento. For example, there could be security-related issues at an operating system level – running an older version of PHP would be a key one consideration.
Support for version 5.5 stopped in 2016 and 5.6 will only receive security fixes until January 2019. This means there is a strong likelihood that you will need to do some coding in order for M1 to work on a newer version of PHP which, on review, may not be a worthwhile investment when compared with migrating your site to M2 and further benefits this brings.
One such benefit is performance. As we know this is a key contributing factor to achieving increased conversion rates with many articles on this subject available including some citing that a 100ms delay could cost 1% of your total revenue.
At BORN we have now completed our own extensive testing comparing M1 and M2 performance. The results have been consistent and telling. M2 is over 500% faster.
In the case of one of BORN’s clients, that successfully transitioned to M2 in January 2017, the improved performance coupled with BORN’s unique specialism in UI/UX and CX has lead to a 198% increase in monthly revenue with a vast majority coming from mobile.
If you would like to know more about our comparative test results then please download our free Magento Performance Report white paper.

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