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BORN’s Post-Production Services

Our Offerings

Infrastructure & App Support

We offer 24/7 capabilities where our specialized and certified support engineers power the help desk, which monitors our customers systems.

Assurance Services

Our offering utilizes a variety of expert services which include SEO services, analytics, roadmaps, periodic business reviews and audits that ensure customer infrastructure is compliant with best practices.

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

We oversee continuous planning and the development of new features, as well as consistent bug fixes to ensure your system runs at peak condition.

Post-Production Capabilities and
​ ​Monitoring

To ensure your system is well monitored post-production, BORN takes advantage of state-of-the-art tools to create our service desk, document rules, customize alerts and define Run books based on them. To do this, we utilize:

  • Proactive end-to-end monitoring
  • False positives monitoring
  • Monitoring - We use tools with the ability to create custom scripts that will allow us to measure page load, add-to-cart, product display, successful login and search functionality.
  • Custom alerts - We use tools that allow us to create custom alerts, gather and visualize data.
  • Resilience maps for 3rd party integrations and monitoring them to keep alerts/maps updated

Incident Management

For any instance of escalation that requires immediate response, BORN’s post-production suite is thorough in all processes of incident management and able to ensure timely responses, support and resolutions.

  • Setup JIRA service desk (or client’s software)
  • Monitoring, escalations and alerts (standard or custom)
  • Run book
  • Incidents managed by BORN 24/7 team where L1-L3 and application support alongside local geo based support manager
  • 3rd party integrations are part of incident management
  • Incident triage
  • A ‘Severity 1’ incident has highest priority and so triggers an integrated war room with developers, application engineers, operational Managers and 3rd party for further triage and resolution
  • Resolution time estimates

Our Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Below you’ll note the aspects of our developer journey that illustrate key insights to how BORN handles enhancements beyond the scope of an initial launch.


BORN takes an agile approach during post-production, with some of the following steps to ensure any work-items or defects are tackled after launch. BORN will assign a dedicated team that could include any combination of Project Manager, Business Analyst, Technical Lead, Back and Front end developers, Quality Assurance team and a Release Manager based on your needs.


Your backlog is a list of the deprioritized and/or new features, changes to existing features, bug fixes, visual changes or other activities that the team may deliver in order to provide continuous improvements to your site.


Our business analyst works with you to define backlog tasks or clarify business requirements to ensure clarity to the agile team members. This includes specific requirements, supporting documentation, acceptance criteria, steps to replicate if applicable, user stories, dependencies, and any visual examples or mock-ups.


Your business stakeholders join the agile team members twice per sprint to review ticket requirements to provide estimations on the level of effort and story points. This is an opportunity for developers to ask clarifying questions to the business and discuss a technical approach for the ticket with team members. Estimations are documented directly in the tickets and assigned to the business owner to be prioritized. This session may also highlight any missing information which can be reassigned to the relevant owner who can provide for the next session.


Your team knows what’s most important to your business so this phase is a critical time to translate that into sprint deliverables. You prioritize estimated tickets for the upcoming sprints using the team’s velocity as a realistic measure of what can be accomplished.

Value Add:

Development from the enhancement team can cover the gamut of user experience, conversion improvement, industry view, reusability, automation, SLA improvements, best practices, infrastructure optimisation, scalability, performance and availability improvements.

With our teams, we can deliver incisive and robust status reports to ensure both status and rapid enhancements over time.

In tandem with our post-launch updates, information is uploaded to our knowledge base, Alexandria, which serves as a potent tool in accurately tracking and maintaining known error bases. A strong book of record is key for all instances of problem management.

Alongside Alexandria, our infra support team also reviews the capacity of a brand’s servers and the traffic trends using Google Analytics to provide problem management and prescribe solutions that enhance performance and scalability.

For more information on BORN’s Post-Production Services please contact,

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