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Retailers! Meet Your Production Deadlines With This Tip

DateOct 17,2017

Retailers are constantly under pressure to deliver new offerings to target audiences. In often-crowded sectors, without a point of difference, jostling for market share is difficult at best.

But what about delivering the existing marketing and sales collateral on time and to budget?

A seasoned finance director will produce annual budgets based on historic data coupled with shared insights for the coming 12 months. However, seasonal peaks and increased campaign volumes, impacted by unforeseen sicknesses and planned holidays, frequently mean previously sound budgets fall way short of reality.

Pushing media campaigns back or recalibrating go live dates are rarely an option, as these deadlines are there to exploit maximum target audience and revenue potential.

So what gives?

In truth, often not a lot.

In-house production hubs, or studios, are constantly pushed to the limits to meet deadlines that are set in stone. However, in most instances, no amount of wishful thinking will eliminate the production bottleneck. At this point, unscheduled overtime is called upon to ease the pain. Again, this is rarely a definitive solution and the ‘Little Black Book of Freelancers’ is usually dusted off to try and save the day.

Both of these scenarios add significant variable and largely unplanned costs to the operating line without any guaranteed outcome.

Is there a better solution?


With a degree of planning, outsourcing ‘over-spill’ to a specialized production partner can deliver fantastic benefits such as:

– Significant reductions in variable costs and a greatly improved speed of turnarounds through 24/7 production and global resource capabilities.

– Improved consistency of quality through standardized workflows.

Plus, companies are able to set fixed management fees with production partners that are based on anticipated volumes to aid in financial forecasting.

BORN has seen a significant increase in the adoption of its production support, or ‘over-spill,’ model, most notably by a large amount of UK retailers.

For further information on how BORN can support your business during its challenging production periods, as well as deliver faster production at greatly reduced costs, please see the linked Case Study.

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