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Razer is a gaming lifestyle brand that has evolved into a unified platform of connected devices and software for gamers. Razer provides an interactive, immersive experience designed for gamers by gamers.


The company required a sustainable global commerce platform to cater to fast-growing customer demand. Razer’s gaming equipment was growing more and more popular, and they needed a solution that both captured regional needs while serving an international framework.


Our chief objective was to deliver an international commerce platform for Razer’s growing consumer base. Increasing revenue was our core KPI, with the integration of flexible offers and capabilities to cross-sell and upsell products a key component of the build.


Integrating with the current SAP environment and integrating the platform with detailed product information were complex implementations that required precision from our development team.

Strategic Transformation

Deploying an effective CMS proved to be a cornerstone of the build. The entire eCommerce experience was enhanced by implementing a CMS that ensured Razer could rapidly deploy products and offers, allowing them to establish a faster time to market.


A powerful tech stack to connect Razer to the world.


Razer’s final build saw a comprehensive tech stack. Utilizing SAP Hybrid 5.7, Worldpay, PayPal, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, Salesforce, Exact Target, Data Hub, and ASM over nine countries, Razer’s build could capture both regional needs while having the framework for a global presence.

Long-Term Value

Razer’s order management systems and data hubs proved to be some of the most enduring and impactful integrations of the build. The OMS enabled newfound transparency for customer orders and shipping methods, while the Data Hub connected to SAP Hybris to enhance sales tool. Both integrations, along with the build as a whole, powered significant traffic and revenue lift for Razer.