With over 12 years of recruitment experience, I’m here to offer guidance for those looking to nail the oftentimes intimidating in-person interview, whether at BORN or wherever your hiring journey leads you be sure to keep these 6 tips in mind:

  • 1. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. I can’t say it enough but be sure to prepare before an interview. Make sure you’ve done all of the necessary research on the company, I’d suggest reading carefully through their website paying close attention to past clients. Additionally, have a strong understanding of the job role you’re applying to. The ability to relate your experience directly to the job listing is crucial in giving the hiring manager an understanding of your ability to get the job done.
  • Bonus Tip: Do your best to provide tangible experience in the form of statistics, portfolios or case studies of past work whenever possible and relevant.
  • 2. Be Timely and Professional. Punctuality is an important aspect of the hiring process. I’d suggest arriving 15 minutes prior to your interview giving you time to get settled. Additionally, behaving in a professional manner will give the hiring manager an idea of your future workplace interactions and overall behavior.
  • 3. Ask Questions. Come to your interview prepared with questions. This ties back to point 1. If you’re unsure of any aspect of the role, company culture or benefits, this is your time to voice concerns. Keep in mind that you’re interviewing the prospective company as much as they’re interviewing you!
  • 4. Be Your Own Advocate. Talking yourself up can be a challenge, but if there’s ever a time to do so this is it. Be sure to advocate upon your past accomplishments, and back up with any recognition or outcomes. This is key in demonstrating your value as a potential new-hire.
  • 5. Follow-Up The follow-up is key! I’d suggest reaching out to each individual you spoke to throughout the interview process (be sure to collect business cards along the way.) This correspondence gives you the opportunity to draw upon your earlier discussion and express your excitement for the role.
  • 6. Knowing what you want. Think hard before applying to any job. Companies advertise jobs, but employees want careers. Careers are really an outcome of how you do at your job. A good career is when you move from one position to the next and the next, learning and growing yet contributing all the way.
  • A job is just a starting point in a new company. Think about the starting point – is it correct for you? Where will it lead you to?

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