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Shopping is a highly emotional experience. Studies reveal that emotional impulses drive up to 95% of purchasing decisions.1 The products and services we buy influence how we feel. As society emerges from the pandemic and online shopping continues to flourish, consumers desire a personalized shopping experience where they feel understood. In response, retailers must develop […]
Watch Video BORN’s Stella Framework The best way to conquer the stars is to be one. In 2020, BORN introduced Stella — a strategic framework designed to project your eCommerce solution out of this stratosphere. With Stella, brand strategy, behavioral data (across channels) and books of record (tech) work together harmoniously to deliver exceptional customer […]
Pantaloons is a division of 'Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd.' (ABFRL). One of India's most loved fashion brands, with 344+ stores across 170+ towns and cities. Pantaloons offer a versatile collection of retail goods with over 100 licensed and international brands, including their exclusive in-house brands.
Award winning global agency BORN continues to help brands with their digital transformation by creating digital brand and customer experiences that differentiate. They have now partnered with Occtoo to enhance their digital experience offering with their cutting-edge Experience Data Platform.  After several successful digital projects for the premium luxury brand, Cartier, the companies now formalize […]
Elastic Path, the creator and leader of the Composable Commerce Movement, today launched a new Pre-Composed Solution™ for Multi-Touchpoint Experiences. This business-ready solution, built in partnership with Elastic Path partner, BORN, pre-integrates Vue Storefront as a frontend platform, Bloomreach for search, merchandising, and content management, Avalara for sales tax calculation, Elastic Path Commerce Cloud for core commerce capabilities, and Elastic Path Payments. Together, these best-in-class providers empower business […]
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