Fitting right into the fold

BORN might be the gorilla in our space of creative content, commerce enablement and customer experience but we’ve found ourselves in good hands when it comes to digital transformation – TechM is a USD 4.9 billion behemoth headquartered in Pune, India that leads with exactly that adage. BORN’s 1000+ employees in eight offices across the US, Europe and Asia joined TechM’s more than 131,000 employees from 37 nationalities who speak 18 languages working in 90 countries around the world. TechM itself is a subsidiary of the USD 20.9 billion Mahindra Group, an industrial conglomerate with a wide variety of business interests and 240,000 employees across 100 countries.

BORN services brands in physical and digital channels. Its solutions provide a bridge between the old economy and the newer digital one. TechM has a catchword for this bridge – DigitALL, their philosophy of transforming clients’ business across all channels to better processes, lowering risk, increasing revenue opportunities, enhancing customer experiences, for a better society as a result.

Just as BORN uses storytelling and design to craft user experiences, TechM melds physical and digital design to support its customers, all of it powered by state-of-the-art and innovative technology.

BORN, like TechM, believes defining a digital strategy that reflects market trends is a key part of a winning business strategy and just as TechM designs new business and organizational models to help clients, BORN helps brands tell their story in a way relevant to their customers, across multiple channels, to achieve their business goals. The agency helps brands find new life in the digital economy – hence the name ‘BORN’. Similarly, TechM helps businesses navigate the perils and trends of the new and digital economy to come out stronger.

Both BORN and TechM are passionate proponents of using digital insights gleaned from melding data, analytics and cognitive technologies to create robust, secure and scalable platforms, frameworks and methodologies that are future proof.

BORN Group offers end-to-end digital engagement such as strategy consulting, content creation, digital production, eCommerce and content management system (CMS) implementations and data driven user experience (UX).

As Vivek Agarwal, global head for enterprise verticals solution and portfolio companies, Tech Mahindra, said in an interview: “The group has a strong expertise in e-commerce, creative and content, which is a high growth segment. It helps both B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business) businesses operate in the digital world. So, they undertake technology implementations and integrate UX design with customer journeys and personas. Another thing that we are enthused about is the fact that the BORN Group has been going at both B2C and B2B businesses that are looking to pivot to a direct-to-consumer model.”

BORN has expanded its wings and moved from simple creative design to content production to commerce enablement all the while extending its offerings in scope and depth, customized to address the requirements of over 40 verticals—manufacturing, transport, luxury, tech, semiconductors, retail, fashion, distribution, CPG, travel, hospitality, insurance, and so on.

There exists huge synergies and cross-sell potential on both sides.

Like at BORN, innovation via the lens of its customers has led TechM to develop a range of solutions that enable industries to innovate, integrate other systems, run their business processes and connect with their customers more efficiently.

As the world moves towards the internet of things (IoT), and new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotics are making the future much more smart and connected, many organizations are using TechM’s solutions to make that leap forward. TechM has teamed up with Toshiba, Bosch and others to work in the areas of smart manufacturing and smart cities. One of its first projects in this space is intelligent electric vehicle charging in Ontario, Canada.

This is just one of a whole host of innovative platforms, solutions and assets created inhouse or in tandem with partners. As for BORN, just last year alone, BORN created three new assets – accelerators which allow clients to create digital experiences. One of these, EAGLE, was accorded global certification by SAP.

BORN seems to have fit right in. The future, as they say, is bright.