March 15, 2023 – New York, NY – BORN Group, a Tech Mahindra Company, is excited to announce the launch of Arctic Fox Composable Storefront (AFXCS), a new solution built on top of Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Composable Storefront for headless commerce.

Composable Storefront, as a platform, offers a universe of plug-and-play possibilities.  The Arctic Fox Accelerator is an integration-ready launchpad with Stripe Payment Processor, Product Reviews by Yotpo, Amplience for Content Management, Avalara for Tax Calculations, and Google Tag Manager/Google Analytics (GA4) all served right Out of The Box.  

Arctic Fox Composable Storefront builds on the design experience that spawned AFX for Salesforce Reference Architecture (BORN has won 50 design awards between 2020 and 2022) in order to give eCommerce visionaries the power they need to stay ahead of the curve and lead their companies to new heights. 

Companies empowered by Arctic Fox Composable Storefront can conduct the perfect eCommerce symphony for every customer making the shopping experience customized (and context-based), whether on desktop or mobile, in-store or at home, on screens foreseen and everything in between – a unified cross-platform experience.

With this composable solution, retailers are freed from the limitations of traditional monolithic builds and the constraints typically associated with them.  What’s more?  The uncertainty that is a headless hallmark is reduced, thanks to carefully considered practices crafted by Salesforce and amplified by BORN.

Companies can look forward to: 

  • Prepackaged integrations from partner-vendors made for rapid development
  • A managed runtime that enables rapid deployment
  • Access to the React Ecosystem which means merchants can look forward to cutting-edge tech and talent at their fingertips. 
  • API-First architecture that will empower companies to create any experience they envision.

“These developments represent a significant advancement for Commerce Cloud, as they now enable integration with a wide range of open-source technologies,” said Gabriel Freiberg, Chief Technical Lead at BORN Group. 

To celebrate the launch of Arctic Fox Composable Storefront, BORN Group hosted a webinar on March 14th featuring thought leadership at BORN and their partners.  Salesforce Practice Lead Kevin Yao, Chief Technical Lead Gabriel Freiberg, and Director of Alliances Lauren Farrer of BORN Group spoke alongside partner speakers from Stripe and Amplience.

“AFXCS emphasizes not only the storefront user experience, but also focuses on the best composable integrations with leading retail partners to provide our customers with exceptional return on investment,” says Kevin Yao, Salesforce Practice Lead at BORN Group.

BORN Group

Connecting creative, content, and commerce, BORN Group is an award-winning, global agency that helps brands with digital transformation. BORN is a Tech Mahindra [] company. 

Between 2020 and 2022 BORN has won 50 design awards.  The group operates in 90 countries employing 131,000 staff speaking 18 languages. The company produces unique brand experiences by connecting ten specialisms that serve as the foundation of the digital economy: creative design, content production, commerce enablement, conversions (visitors to customers), cloud technology, cognition (analytics), cohesion (integrating all the systems), consulting and completeness (connecting brand experiences) across all channels.  

BORN Group’s current and past clients include; Fossil, Red Bull, Funimation, Textron, Maxim Semiconductor, Tag Heuer, DVF, Nestle, Hanes, Ferragamo, Bulgari, Razer, Sotheby’s, Tetley Tea, Lorna Jane, Razer, Glanbia, Medifast, Harley Davidson among others.