Forrester commended BORN for their strength in current offering through awarding the highest possible points to BORN’s design capabilities and advisory/consulting offerings. According to the report, “BORN is one of the only vendors in this evaluation building up a practice around enterprise, which will enable its customers to leverage one provider for commerce and back-office systems integration work without sacrificing the quality of front-end design and UX.”

These remarks reflect BORN’s flagship status in the industry as an agency that successfully combines the intricacies of system integration with the nuances of design to deliver outstanding omnichannel customer experiences rich with application and flavor.

Reference customers who participated were cited saying BORN “[is] a thought leader when it comes to the eCommerce platform”, while also acknowledging the agency’s work ethic and commitment to excellence by “providing proactive strategic consultation for their customers.”

The report ends its notes on BORN by regarding it as “a best fit for firms looking for a consultative and design-oriented commerce technology services provider.” With strong commentary on BORN’s design capabilities and consulting expertise, Forrester highlights BORN’s presence as a leader in the industry beyond pure system integration.

“We’re honored to be included as one of the eight commerce service providers that matter the most, and to be recognized for the breadth of our full cycle cross-platform services and unparalleled design expertise.”

— Eric Gutoski, Partner and Managing Director for BORN Group, NA

“I think the report could have covered a few more legitimate players and its diligence should have more thoroughly explored our depth in experience design, innovation, global scale as well as our extensive content management and production capabilities. That said, we realize our inclusion gives us some exposure to companies looking for top-class services.”

— Dilip Keshu, CEO, BORN Group