BORN Group (, an award-winning global agency that combines creative design, content production, and eCommerce services, is thrilled to announce the successful launch of a new website for IT sourcing firm Windsor Group Sourcing Advisory

‘We are in the ‘relationship business.’ WG’s challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic was to transform our business development strategy from in-person meetings to a scalable digital sales channel for top of the funnel opportunities. Throughout our journey, BORN Group exceeded our expectations by understanding our unique business and developing insightful copy geared towards enterprise C-level executives. We look forward to continuing our work with BORN Group as a trusted strategic partner,’ said Charles Bystock, CEO of Windsor Group. 

Windsor Group is an IT sourcing advisory firm that specializes in aligning leading organizations with the latest in managed service offerings. BORN Group worked closely with the Windsor Group team to develop and launch a rebranded digital presence on the Drupal platform. 

Windsor Group’s objectives were focused on streamlining content, reimagining their business’s strategy with a digital-first approach, and leveraging the appropriate technology to enhance their operations and meet company goals. In addition, Windsor Group sought a collaborative partner that would understand the specific needs of their business and ensure ongoing continued services and digital marketing post-launch. While remaining true to their brand heritage, BORN was able to deliver a flexible solution that would meet the needs of their current and future customers. In addition to re-platforming to Drupal and integrating with their CRM, the team redefined Windsor Group’s content strategy with new messaging, tone, and voice, that would ultimately attract and retain their target audience. This, in tandem with an updated branding strategy, would give Windsor Group a modernized appearance that was representative of their stature in the industry. Exceptional content and branding paired with the appropriate digital solutions, effectively streamlined Windsor Groups’ extensive service offerings and resources into an effective, visually stunning, and user-friendly digital resource that is scalable for future growth. 

Astrid Mignon, Customer Success Manager, at BORN Group adds, ‘Windsor Group’s digital transformation was an incredible feat of collaboration. The evolution from a predominantly content and in-person business development strategy to a digital-first presence was key in creating a flexible plan of growth that will empower their business going forward. We look forward to continuing our path of success with Windsor Group.’

About Windsor Group: 

Windsor Group is an IT sourcing advisory firm that specializes in aligning leading organizations with the latest in managed service offerings. Their advisory team collaborates closely with clients to define new opportunities for efficiency optimization, growth, and long-term strategic success.