BORN’s CEO, Dilip Keshu says, ‘Bison/EP is designed for the budget conscious, feature hungry and time constrained client. People want fast, cheap and good. Bison/EP is the answer if a client has a heterogeneous environment of software assets and wants to adopt a microservices architecture with commerce feature depth.’

BORN offers a variety of accelerators for major platforms that incorporate pre-coded frameworks including a selection of wireframes and best-of-breed integrations. Bison/EP, their new headless accelerator based on a microservices architecture layered with an experience platform, is the company’s latest addition.

With Bison/EP, customers can launch a streamlined B2C or B2B ecommerce shop in under 12 weeks, at a fraction of the price. The solution provides a completely tailor-made user experience with little design and UX customization needed. Users will be able to implement a headless commerce platform, Elastic Path, combined with a headless experience platform, Bloomreach, which powers a next generation front end experience.

‘Headless commerce is becoming increasingly important as brands grow the number of touchpoints they have with customers,’ said Harry Chemko, Elastic Path’s CEO. ‘We are excited to partner with BORN to deliver headless commerce to more enterprises, helping them thrive in a world where commerce is quickly transforming to satisfy the maturing experience expectations of consumers.’

‘A consistent, relevant and personalized experience is key to e-commerce success,’ adds Raj De Datta, CEO and co-founder of Bloomreach. ‘With Bison/EP, users can leverage the benefits of headless commerce while ensuring their customers have the best possible experience with their brand, no matter how or where they interact with it.’

Additional benefits of Bison/EP include: short development time, simplified ongoing maintenance, custom user experience, flexible solutions, advanced security and more. BORN will determine the perfect combination of available features to elevate a client’s existing ecommerce shop and ultimately, maximize its ecommerce business.

Unique Features Include:

  • Integration with Bloomreach’s best in class search and merchandising.
  • Support for omni-channel.
  • Pre-built integration with payment gateways.
  • A fully decoupled integrated solution.
  • Ability to easily market products with customizable landing pages, blogs and more.

On October 29, BORN looks forward to debuting Bison/EP in partnership with Bloomreach and Elastic Path at this year’s Bloomreach Connect Amsterdam. For more information on BORN’s Bison/EP please reach out to Mackenzie Johnson, Marketing and Partnership Manager at BORN Group, [email protected].

About BORN Group:Connecting creative, content and commerce, BORN is an award winning, global agency that helps brands with digital transformation. BORN produces unique brand experiences by connecting ten specialisms that serve as the foundation of the digital economy: creative design, content production, commerce enablement, conversions (visitors to customers), cloud technology, cognition (analytics), cohesion (integrating all the systems), consulting and completeness (connecting brand experiences) across all channels.

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About Elastic Path: Elastic Path offers the leading purpose-built headless commerce platform to unify experiences across the entire enterprise. As the pioneer of headless commerce, Elastic Path empowers you to sell products and services in the connected world through the web and a touch of a finger or a spoken command. Its products, including Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, deliver commerce freedom and accelerate the creation of any customer experience on a single platform. Through collaborative innovation between Elastic Path’s team, customers and partners, Elastic Path leads the way in revolutionizing commerce.

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About Bloomreach: Bloomreach software enables highly personalized digital experiences for retailers, brands, distributors, manufacturers and other enterprises around the world. Its flagship product, Bloomreach Experience (brX), combines AI-driven search and merchandising tools with a next-gen content management system (CMS). BRX accelerates conversions, increases revenue, and provides real time insights for business goals. With a global network of certified partners, Bloomreach serves hundreds of large and medium enterprise customers such as Neiman Marcus, Staples, Guess, Marks & Spencer, HD Supply, and FC Bayern München.

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