‘Elementis’ digital transformation was a journey to remember for us. The evolution from a predominantly print media communication strategy to a sleek and efficient site allows customers to quickly access a vast amount of information. We credit the Elementis executive & business teams who embraced change and adapted to new technologies for the success of this project.’ — Santa Krishnan, eCommerce Architect, BORN

‘The Elementis transformation will provide exceptional access, transparency and efficiencies to customers, visitors and employees. To that end, it was paramount to address our web presence and create a modern portal. BORN’s thought leadership was helpful establishing strategic roadmaps for various visiting personas identified and assisting the creation of desired feel and tone.’ — Greg Bellotti, Vice President/CIO, Elementis

Objectives for Elementis were focused around consolidating their various microsites into one global site that would provide users the ability to access information specific to various markets, investors and their sustainability efforts. It was important to consolidate all of their product data and content into a streamlined format that could be easily accessible. Ultimately, the goal was to create an informational resource for customers, employees and investors alike.

Customer experience, manifested with superior UX and visual design underpin the new Elementis site. The use of iconography, color and images give each page flair and visibility, allowing for an easy end-to-end user experience. With a strong focus on Elementis’ 5 main market segments and the products in each market, they also looked to highlight ‘Who is Elementis.’ This component of the site gives an emphasis on their story, puts a face to their vision and leadership along with a protected, real-time resource for investor information.

The fully redesigned site incorporates outstanding UX and design while simultaneously streamlining Elementis’ vast data into an effective, scalable and user-friendly resource.

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About Elementis: Elementis is a global specialty chemicals company that offers performance-driven additives that help create innovative formulations for consumer and industrial applications. We deliver enhanced performance through applied innovation by harnessing our expertise in high performing ingredients for industrial and consumer markets.


About BORN Group: BORN Group is an award winning global agency that focuses on Enterprise Commerce and Experience Design. With over 500 digital transformations under its belt in over 20 end markets covering B2B and B2C segments. It is one of the largest independent agencies in the customer and brand experience space with offices and operations in 8 countries. The company combines 10 specialisms to produce high performing digital assets – creative design, content production, commerce enablement, cloud deployments, integrations, consulting, conversion rate optimization, digital marketing, analytics and multi-channel cohesion.