First, it’s important to start by stating that the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the biggest challenges of our lifetime. It is and will continue to disrupt our daily life and our interpersonal relationships in profound ways that will last for years. It is truly a tragedy for those affected.

In the past, we’ve experienced unsettling times and we know how to respond when it comes to providing continuity in our relationships and ensuring loyalty so your brand comes out stronger on the other end. When sales are good and financial markets are on the rise, it is easy to get lax in your marketing fundamentals. Every company is in the midst of an ever-evolving digital transformation in one way or another. This will never stop. There are too many advancements in 1-1 marketing and the ability to interact with customers where and when they want.

In times like these, digital fundamentals and the work that you have put into digital become the most important part of your business. We saw this after 2008, companies that did the most to reach their customers where and when they needed it went on to create lifelong customers with tremendous loyalty. The only way to accomplish this continuity is through personalized digital connections. 

Specifically for email marketing, it’s critical to personalize messages and offers based on customer data. We suggest personalizing email messages using all of the known data you have about your customer. It’s important to keep in mind that email communication volume has gone up dramatically. Thus, the more personalized your emails the better they will be received. Finally, tailor your offers to make your customers’ lives easier. This type of personalization will prove as a differentiator for brands through this time of distress.

According to Gartner, 89% of your customers will define you by the customer experience you provide to them. They will also be quick to abandon if they feel they are being left behind. It’s an important time to re-examine your digital marketing and e-commerce operations along with your ability to provide the services and personalized communications your customers have come to expect.

BORN is working at full capacity through COVID-19, to provide business continuity for our clients through digital to ensure interaction with their customers and retain the hard-earned brand loyalty.

BORN is here to help by providing free consultations with our best strategists and architects. For more information on BORN’s services or to connect with our team, please contact Mackenzie Johnson, [email protected].