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With a rich history dating back to 1880, Wella has been a driving force in haircare innovation. Founded by Franz Ströher in Germany, the brand continues to empower hairdressers and customers with creative hair products, color ideas, and styling inspirations. As a trusted ally, Wella is dedicated to helping individuals achieve the perfect haircare solutions they desire.

Business Objective

Wella looked to reshoot an advertisement campaign using CGI imagery to accompany the new product launch of Wella Deluxe. The objective was to achieve a natural and realistic aesthetic for the new product content, aligning with the brand’s vision for Wella Deluxe.

The Challenge

In addition to launching new products, the client faced the task of shooting new packaging. BORN’s challenge was to create imagery that seamlessly promotes across diverse channels and adapts to various formats.

Highlighting ingredient excellence

Utilising props and additional materials, BORN effectively showcased the key oil ingredients, elevating each product shot to capture attention and make a lasting impression. With vibrant and colourful imagery, the campaign vividly showcased the product’s ingredients and benefits, creating a dynamic and lively visual experience that contributed to a highly successful shoot.
Solution Highlights

Embracing a Natural Look and Feel

By opting for lighting instead of CGI, the team skilfully curated a very natural and realistic look of the product that enhanced authenticity.