Connected Factory Solutions




Customer Experience (Cx)


As a leader in the aerospace sector, Airbus designs, manufactures, and delivers aircrafts spanning commercial aircrafts, helicopters, defense, and space.


With Airbus’ goal of building the factory of the future, our team laid out a long-term strategy that would shift their business toward seamless integration of digital and physical aspects of their business.


The goals for this build were to develop an end-to-end dynamic workflow management system and machine process monitoring solution to improve process efficiency and increase the effectiveness of equipment.


We had to operate with two parallel implementation tracks, one included machine connectivity & analytics solution, and the other was the implementation of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Strategic Transformation

We conducted a gap-analysis assessment to identify improvement areas and subsequently executed a Proof of Concept (PoC) to help Airbus understand the benefits and features of various solutions and advanced analytics.


We developed a full end-to-end management solution based on intelligent manufacturing and connected machines framework that enables real-time digital recording of process parameters, quality parameters, and operator/inspector information. Airbus’ solution enables impactful operational and business decision making in real-time.


The client sat at the center of Airbus’ transformation journey. Initiatives such as on-site support to the customers and operators, lean manufacturing training, and regular feedback during the test-phase helped achieve a smooth transition.

Long-Term Value

Increased Airbus’ operational efficiency by 20% by transforming the shop floor to a predictive, cognitive manufacturing operation based on dynamic work and tool allocation as per production needs, better process maturity, tracking, and predictive maintenance. In addition, we were able to improve overall quality by 30% with a reduction in rejection rates and prevention of wrong process sequence at the work station level.