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Delta Faucet Company is a wholly-owned division of Masco Corp. Masco has been listed on the NYSE since 1969 and owns more than 20 brands, employing 32,000 individuals worldwide. Delta Faucet Company markets three iconic American brands: Delta Faucet, Peerless Faucet and the luxury line – BRIZO. BORN has been working with Delta Faucet on numerous projects throughout the past 5 years.


Delta Faucet Company supports a complex multi-channel model – wholesale, trade and professionals, commercial as well as online B2C (aftermarket parts) and B2B sales. For this project, they sought a long-term strategic partner to modernize all aspects of their e-business operations, including functional, system architecture, and server/hosting infrastructure.


The project aimed to update the overall online user experience and design (UX/UI) and improve the e-business operational management with increased website stability, security and speed to market.


One obstacle BORN had to overcome was implementing Delta Faucet’s middleware, Jitterbit, as it needed to be done in an appropriate format to successfully finalize results in SFCC. Fine-tuning the product data through Jitterbit led toward a state-of-the-art product feed.

Personas & Journeys

BORN performed a series of journey mapping and persona synthesis exercises based on stakeholder workshops and user interviews to better understand the different spaces of professional and consumer home improvement and maintenance.

Homepage Value

BORN redesigned the homepage using insights gathered from heat mapping and Google Analytics to offer inspiration, guidance, and easy shopping in a one-stop shop.

New Product Offering

BORN created an experience for a new business venture of refurbished products and strategized on positioning this product category. Benefits and logistics were carefully detailed and communicated to customers on a landing page and every refurbished PDP.

Site Solutions

BORN engineered a seamless side-by-side implementation of both Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Drupal on the sites back and front end to create a headless architecture for their commerce and content needs. This solution was invaluable for managing Delta’s expansive library of products.


BORN took a multilayered approach to the project by taking over functional support for all websites through Jahia CMS and Drupal CMS platforms. The team mapped and analyzed all e-business related infrastructure environments, providing recommendations for new architecture and maintaining the new hosting infrastructure. A UX update was also performed for all Delta Faucet Company brands (Delta Faucet, Peerless and BRIZO).


BORN created a comprehensive design system featuring a modular approach for Delta and BRIZO brands, resulting in consistency and speed when designing new features and iterations. With a unified code base, repeatable patterns, and holistic guidelines, more time can be spent innovating. The team also utilized technology partners to deliver Delta Faucet’s rigorous scope of work. Beyond cross-platform integration of SFCC, Drupal and middleware provided by Jitterbit, we used Brandify and Pricespider integrations, along with Google Analytics’ enhanced eCommerce implementation.

Long-term value

BORN received glowing client testimony for this project. The Senior Director of Digital Services at Delta Faucet noted: “This solution provides us with industry-leading capabilities that will allow us to market, sell and fulfill our products directly to our consumers and professional users. [BORN] has been an excellent partner throughout the entire journey. We couldn’t have done this without them.” BORN continues to work with Delta on upcoming initiatives and site improvements.