Harley Davidson NYC







Commerce Enablement

Content and Creative


Harley Davidson NYC is part of the globally renowned motorcycle franchise. Their dealers wanted to significantly increase their brand visibility to both tourists and locals alike.


Harley Davidson NYC needed to significantly increase brand visibility to both tourists and locals. They commissioned BORN to create their flagship digital experience to drive in-store traffic and sell merchandise directly to consumers.


Design and develop a fully responsive site within three months. Balance a mix of content and commerce. Transition between digital merchandise and in-store products.


BORN needed to deliver the site on an accelerated timeline–we designed and developed a fully responsive site within three months. We were challenged to take a mobile-first approach to capture the high volume of tourists and impulse buyers.

Ease of use

BORN created and leveraged a suite of templates that enabled the client to manage the site with limited prior technical knowledge. The ease of use of these templates ensured the Harley Davidson NYC team could readily update its site with new content and commerce opportunities.

W3 Gold Award in General Website Category

Balancing Act

We created a clean mix of content and commerce, transitioning between digital merchandise and in-store only products.

Maintaining the Heritage

BORN provided art direction to help modernize and digitally capture the brand while remaining authentic to its roots.

The Results

We integrated critical functionality such as appointment creation, event registration, winter storage reservations, and product rental.


Capturing a flagship digital experience.


The site launched to great success within a three-month timeline. Our final build with Harley Davidson gave the NYC site unique services that its customers could interact with while visiting the flagship store.

Long-Term Value

Harley Davidson NYC proved to be one of the brand’s first digital experiences to offer commerce capabilities for its small parts. The new website boasted powerful mobile and desktop functionalities, winning a W3 Gold Award for best in the General Website category.