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MHE-Demag eCommerce





Commerce Enablement

Customer Experience (Cx)


Jebsen & Jessen is an industrial group with multiple joint ventures, including MHE-Demag. As a global manufacturer & supplier of overhead cranes parts and equipment, MHE-Demag offers industrial hoists, warehouse equipment, aerial work platforms, building maintenance systems, and automated car parking systems.


MHE-Demag required a B2B eCommerce experience that would grow brand awareness and enable their customers to self-serve.


To provide greater convenience for customers through borderless, 24/7 access of more than 15,000 varieties of construction and warehousing equipment.


MHE-Demag lacked an online presence, meaning they were missing the opportunity to both educate users and encourage increased orders of their products and services.

A Digital Transformation

The new site allows users to view their online and offline order history, manage internal multi-step purchase approval processes, and utilize quick-order functionality to select numerous products at once.

Modular Flexibility

We created flexible modules to address MHE-Demag’s huge catalog of requirements without reinventing the entire website.

Easily Scannable Product Pages

Each product page featured multiple images, videos, and easy-to-scan product descriptions to ensure users were quickly educated.

The Results

The successful launch of the MHE-Demag site ensured access to products, orders, and services was always within their customers’ reach.