BORN Group —
a Tech Mahindra Company

We develop and implement strategies for customers to grow profitably in a borderless, digitally-and-physically connected world.
  • 131,000 employees
  • 37 nationalities
  • 18 languages
  • 90 countries

Our History

We started April 1st, 2011 when two private equity funds acquired Fresh Media Group in London, a very respected content agency that mainly serviced newsprint and magazines. From here, the company started its journey to create something special – an agency that could help brands move from traditional channels of consumption to the newer digital ones without stumbling over the entry hurdles presented by the new economy. With FMG, we started to operate in the EU and Asia. In December of 2011, we added an award-winning creative agency called Pod1, and this gave us a presence in North America.

We then created three specialisms that could be synthesized to help brands succeed in the digital economy as opposed to just create appealing presences on all things digital. Secondly, our commitment to our clients was resolute, and lastly, we always remained authentic.

Our 360 approach to experiences found mass appeal – how does a brand Attract an audience (creative design), Interact with it with personalized content (media production), Transact with its customers (commerce) and finally allow them to React by way of feedback (digital marketing). Our success took us to 8 countries and 40 end markets, and in December 2019, we were acquired by TechMahindra, whose revenues are approximately $5B. The company employs 131,000 staff from 37 nationalities who speak 18 languages in 90 countries.

Today, BORN cuts deep and wide with offerings from its parent and sister companies ranging from Customer Experience (Cx), Service Design Experience (Sx), Physical Experience (Px), Operational Experience (Ox), and Data Science Experience (Dx).

After all these years, we still believe we have not lost sight of our 3 qualities – advanced specialisms, resolute commitment, and authenticity.

Dilip Keshu

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A framework designed to deliver exceptional experiences by leveraging brand strategy, behavioral data and books of record.
Stella Framework


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