BORN’s commercetools Accelerator

Bootstrap your composable commerce initiative

commercetools embodies next-generation commerce, enabling merchants to tailor and scale experiences to the exact needs of their business and customers. 


With a solution built on the four “MACH” principles (Microservices, API-First, Cloud-Native, Headless), merchants across B2B, B2C, and D2C can move faster, make buying processes smarter, and meet customers at every touchpoint. 

BORN’s commercetools accelerator, Adler, bootstraps your composable commerce initiative by delivering value with:

  • Prepared customer experience look & feel, allowing for some configuration;
  • Prepared frontend-as-a-service integration;
  • Tried and tested partnerships;
  • Additional capabilities and functionalities.

A Quickstart Solution

At BORN, we’re constantly developing our accelerators.

As a Premier commercetools partner, BORN is at the forefront of being able to offer the Adler accelerator to our merchants.

With Adler, our merchants experience an accelerated launch timeline on a conservative budget.



• Easy-to-use UI library
• Business user interface to build pages using pre-built components
• Preview capability

Headless Content Management System (CMS)

• Omni-channel content management
• Modular content
• Releases
• Localization
• Business user collaboration


• Globalization management
• Website localization
• Machine translation

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

• Upload & store
• Google-style search
• Share & distribute
• Manage & organize
• Business user collaboration

Credit card payments

• Accept payments online
• Store payment data


• Find what users are looking for
• Discover new products

Product Information Management (PIM)

• Organize product data
• Business user collaboration
• Enrichment
• Promotion


• Marketing automation
• Intelligence and orchestration
• Omni-channel
• Promotion

Fraud Prevention

• Fraud protection and abuse prevention
• Account protection and payment optimization