Deliver and monetize content through next-generation video and business technology.

Content Delivery: Leverage the power of 5G 

  • Stay ahead of the game by preparing your CDN for the imminent emergence of 5G. Leverage our state-of-the-art VNF Lab to explore the possibilities of UHD content streaming, low-latency gaming, AR-VR experiences to improve customer satisfaction.

Blockchain: Prevent revenue leakage and maintain strong compliance

  • We’re responsible for pioneering blockchain implementations and POCs. Our experience has proven blockchain’s ability to transform supply chains bringing in transparency and accountability across multiple stakeholders. This is especially important for an industry that works across geographies and business entities, all carrying their share of risk.

Cross-media advertisement solutions: Boost your premiums and ROI for your clients 

  • Provide your advertisers with cross-device, cross-platform measurability maximizing attribution accuracy of ad-campaigns while creating a 360° view of the customer journey and increasing targeting capabilities.