ManufacturingNXT is Business with Purpose. Our vision is to build towards a sustainable planet, zero-accident mobility, circular economy consumption, and memorable user experience.

ManufacturingNXT is based upon the intersection of 3 industry trends along with 4 big bet solutions:

Industry Trends

  • Growing demand for mass customization
  • Human-Robot Collaboration on the rise
  • Rapid IT-OT Convergence

Big Bets

  • Factory We build Factory of Future to digitize lean manufacturing & lessen the carbon footprint.
  • Iot We create IoT-SW-Electronics enabled smart products.
  • Reliability We improve reliability by integrating field warranty with product design and production quality.
  • Mobility We support mobility & sharing economy with a focus on differentiating experience

We execute this strategy through 6 pillars:

  • Sub – Verticalization 4 big bets definition at specific sub-vertical level of Auto – Process – Aero – Industrial Partner Ecosystem
  • Top 6 Offerings IT – Software of Future, Business Process Services, Design & Engineering Services, Cybersecurity & cloud, Platforms, Network Devices – 5G disruption
  • Investment in Labs
  • New Age Delivery firm solutions deployment demands the Legacy Portfolio to be ‘Digital Ready’
  • Platform strategy to help us differentiate 4 Big Bet solutions