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AI for Quality Engineering

Testing typically uses ~30% of an overall project budget. For large testing projects, costs can increase due to the complexity of resource allocation and prioritization of testing tasks.

Thanks to advances in machine learning, the widespread availability of algorithm libraries and faster yet cheaper computing power, we can leverage AI to accelerate testing, save on costs and improve business outcomes.

Intelligent Test Automation

Test automation can reduce the time of a test lifecycle by 60-70%. TechM MAGiX is an in-house test automation framework that automates end-to-end test scenarios. This framework includes easy-to-design automation test scripts, requires low test maintenance efforts, and facilitates the schedule & batch execution of tests. It can integrate with test management tools and has the option for continuous integration and testing.

Overall, it helps reduce the effort required for designing libraries and test automation, with ~70% savings on technical resources.

BI / DW Test Automation

Businesses Intelligence & Data Warehousing (BI / DW) is our intelligent test automation platform. It enables the automation of ETL / DWH / BI / Data Lake test case designs, execution and reporting. It supports data validation across heterogeneous sources (Database, Hadoop, Flat File, XML, Web-Services) with strict adherence to transformation rules and compliance with all data quality checks.

Using this platform, we can achieve 100% data validation and complete testing automation of high-volume, high-complexity BI / DW systems. Our BI / DW service offerings include validation, business rule & data transformation, BI dashboards & reports, security & user access, data & report regression, and performance & stress testing.

Test Data Management

Test Data Management (TDM) focuses on high-quality data with the right volume and required format. It uses an automated data provisioning mechanism through data sub-setting, data masking and synthetic data generation capabilities. Testers can store, share and reuse datasets to improve efficiency in the testing lifecycle with its fast and realistic test data.

TDM improves test coverage to ensure quality data and is scalable to new environments. It reduces overall test data efforts, manual errors, as well as data provisioning and cycle time. A self-service platform that creates and re-uses data sets, it is also business compliant with all legal regulations.

Intelligent Test Design Automation

Test design automation allows us automate the entirety of the testing process. TechM Automated Test Assurance (ATA) aptly addresses this space by enabling the generation of test data, scripts and cases automatically, effectively automating the design of tests themselves. This allows automation to be introduced earlier in the development process and reduces manual processes that are expensive and error-prone.

Ubiquitous Reporting Automation

We use TechM’s eConvergence tool for test reporting, governance and monitoring. It is a single unified reporting tool that automates and accelerates manual tasks, allowing organizations to test more frequently while reducing effort and cost. eConvergence has been built with customization in mind, where all reports are dynamically produced.

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For more than 100 years, Verizon has been at the center of the communications revolution. As one of the largest communication technology companies in the world, they provide services to over 154 million subscribers.


Our team was approached to create a fully integrated solution for Verizon that could deliver advanced services to 3.5 million businesses on six continents.


Provide and upgrade Verizon’s broad service support component. Set and meet benchmarks for on-time billing, order fallout provisioning, and overall performance.


System and user input issues, data inaccuracies, and complex manual processes were leading to stuck orders with incomplete or incorrect information. Correcting these issues was essential for Verizon to retain its Fortune 1000 and neighborhood business customers.


We implemented a diverse range of technology improvements, including new feature development, integration of multiple updated applications, and development of automated work flows.


Our tech stack solution, covering an RPA, AI, and workflow combination, optimized business processes and improved the experience for Verizon’s global business clientele. Key capabilities, such as billing and order management, were able to be completed in a timely and accurate manner.

Long-Term Value

Verizon saw an improved user experience with a 5 point NPS improvement while manual human effort was reduced by 70%. This provided ongoing benefit for the organization as they continue to service their enterprise customers.