Through digital transformation products and services, BORN Group is reimagining insurance operations across people, processes, and technology.

We transform businesses through digital technologies, business insights, and process expertise.

We focus on the entire spectrum of insurance–Life, Property & Casualty, Specialty, Health, Annuity, and Re-insurance–and create solutions to address the key pain points of insurance carriers, intermediaries, and their customers. Our innovative & digital solutions equip the insurance industry to help move along on their transformation journey, revealing new opportunities.

We understand the current and emerging needs of the market and help our clients achieve targeted transformation across people, processes, products, and technology.

Automated Claims Processing

We offer an AI and RPA based solution for automated claims processing. Our solution, IntelliClaims, summarizes and collates claims documents and images for the appropriate business user and suggests action. This product easily integrates with Chatbox, Voicebots, Image Analytics, Robotic Processing, and Cognitive Automation to empower claims departments.

Self-Service Portal

BORN’s self-service portal and mobile application for insurance agents provides complete self-service capabilities required by insurance agents and advisors. This solution provides a variety of sales support capabilities including customer profiling, best offers, brochures, and applications.

Risk Management Tool

Our proprietary Risk Management Tool, Sentinel, brings together risk monitoring, profiling, exposure analysis, and management to a single system. The framework can also integrate with various Policy Administrations, Underwriting, and Claims Systems to effectively manage risk and provide insights into Underwriting and support loss control.

Innovative services that transform insurance operations.

Robotic Process Automation

We provide software tools that are easy to configure, require little IT expertise, and can be efficiently trained to complete manual tasks.

Data Analytics Platform for Life Insurers

We offer a one-of-a-kind platform with our partner Adidot to enable clients to increase profitability through delivering accurate predictions on customer behavior, lapse patterns, and improvement of cross-selling capabilities.

Zero Touch Underwriting

Through our Zero Touch Underwriting service offering, we provide an IoT, RPA and AI-based solution to enable integrators to elevate their underwriting threshold, and power additional volumes of new business in real-time through automation.

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