Technology Strategy
Technology has radically changed the world of marketing with the advent of new digital channels.

Very few marketing agencies do technology well; and conversely, many tech companies do not really understand marketing. The distinct duality of these worlds – marketing and tech – is eroding. We bring them together in a manner where marketing effectiveness is hugely amplified by technology.

  • Technical Roadmaps
  • Platform Selection
  • Tech Process
  • Experience Management
  • Feature Value Matrix


CMS Configuration and Implementation
We offer CMS configurations and implementations across the following technologies; Acquia, North Plains, Adobe, Microsoft Sharepoint, Sitecore, and WordPress.
Custom App Development
BORN’s custom app development spans iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.
Custom Development
We offer custom development on tech stacks such as Java, Microsoft and open technologies.
Technology Audits and Roadmaps
BORN will assess your current digital stack and offer a future roadmap based on your business’s unique requirements.
Front-End and Back-End Development
Our development practice is organized between front-end and back-end, with over 100 certified experts globally.

We help businesses make informed platform decisions.

Feature Value Matrix (FVM)

A feature value matrix or ‘FVM’ is a BORN proprietary framework that allows clients to make informed platform comparisons. Our FVM comes in the form of a list of business requirements presented in a matrix format to assess the following:

  • A ‘topic’ of epic that discusses a key subject (Module)
  • The feature itself (Feature)
  • Value or importance of the feature or simply a self-evident description (Feature Description)
  • 5C assessment which is how this feature is addressed by a platform, via customization or simply out-of-the-box

The 5C Analysis Methodology

Through the 5C’s, we’re able to deliver a digital stack that meets your business requirements.

Conform We identify requirements that can be supported to conform to Out-of-the-box features in a platform.

Configure BORN identifies requirements that can be supported through configurations made to the platform.

Customize We determine the necessary customizations that will need to be built into the platform.

Compromise The integration of 3rd party tools.

Connect Identifying all requirements that are supported through integration.


Endless aisle gives retailers the ability to expand their offerings without the risk of holding merchandise.

Marketplace solutions are on the forefront of digital transformation and have become more affordable to set up and operate, making them an excellent solution for businesses of all sizes. BORN’s marketplace offerings span from consultations to commerce integrations.

Our practice supports both VTEX and Mirakl solutions, dependent on the scope and requirements of your project.

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