Enterprise Network Services

Developing network architectures that provide structure, stability, and growth.

Our enterprise network services help reduce network complexity and costs, increase application performance access, enable internal and external collaboration, and convert a disconnected network environment into a single software-defined environment.

Our solutions span core, access, and data center networks, enabling enterprises to develop responsive network architectures that can deliver quick provisioning, high availability, and increased reliability.

Network Strategy, Assessment, and Consulting
We enable enterprises to assess the capacity and performance of their Network Architecture, be it a data center network, access network, or WAN for a successful shift to software-defined architectures that can support dynamic business needs. Based on business requirements, we help plan and design the network structure for enhanced performance.
Network and Connectivity Management
Our deep expertise in managing telco-grade networks enables us to manage LAN, WAN, SDWAN, SDNs, and even industrial networks while maintaining security and compliance as per business needs. We leverage software-defined technologies, analytics, and automation to integrate networks across carriers and regions for our clients.
Unified Communications and Voice
Our unified communications services ensure high-performance communications for our clients, whether delivered from the cloud or on-premises in a highly available architecture. Our solutions include collaboration, conferencing, and contact center infrastructure.
Network Transformation Services
As a pioneer in the Telecom Networks space, we’ve developed multiple solutions in driving transformation for the Networks space, including wireless edge computing, Cloud Connects, Intent-based networking and network on-demand services.
Industry specific Network Solutions
We have developed industry and domain-specific network solutions that drive digital transformation for enterprises. These include Wireless Solution with eLTE (Private 4G), E2E 5G-enabled solution to build wireless and secure “factories of the future”, and end-to-end Productized solutions on VNFX change.