Physical Design (Px)

Capture new customers at every stage of growth with exceptional ergonomics, aesthetics and appeal.
The digital economy is nothing without the physical world.

Exceptional CX doesn’t start and stop with digital. At BORN, we understand that today’s customer can engage with a brand in upwards of 15 channels–including both digital and physical touchpoints.

Leveraging the capabilities of our delivery partner Pininfarina, we design and deliver physical experiences that harmonize seamlessly with digital to deliver the best CX possible. We reinvent across all areas of physical innovation: concepting, validating, and launching physical products and in-person interactions to fully engage customers at every level. We rely on competencies that run from the physical to the digital, from automotive to industrial design & architecture.


An icon synonymous with exceptional design

BORN offers physical design services through our sister agency, Pininfarina. As one of the most iconic names in the industry, Pininfarina is renowned for designing and developing physical experiences that delight people and drive measurable results.

Physical Design Capabilities

Product Design & Launch

Ideate, create, and launch innovative new products that transform the physical customer experience.

Product & Service Enhancement

Improve business performance by progressively enhancing existing product and service design.

Product Reinvention

Regenerate existing product and service design to pivot and adapt to changing market and customer needs.

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