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Behavioral Experience (Be)

Experience Management


Amgen Inc. is a leading American multinational biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California that delivers pharmaceutical product lines like Neulasta and Enbrel.


Amgen came to BORN to capture the international scope of their clientele. They sought an end-to-end agency that could blend their diverse array of international content and funnel users to the right country-specific experience based on where they were located.


Help funnel the right people to the right content with over 25 country-specific sites. Deliver multilingual content based on preset visitor preferences. Create a dynamically personalized experience based on visitor actions on the site.


One of our biggest challenges was to ensure content was distributed by appropriate channels based on visitor location. For example, Amgen needed to serve videos from Weibo to visitors from China instead of YouTube because of local regulations.

Strategy & Insight

Using the Sitecore CMS, BORN created a multilingual site that could automatically detect the visitor’s browser preference and serve localized content.


Geotargeting to get visitors where they need to be.


With Amgen, we built an integrated careers portal to replace the existing ‘brochure and job search’ experience, and utilized geographic targeting to automatically detect a visitor’s location and redirect them to the most geographically relevant information of the company. The Sitecore CMS helped create a multilingual site to deliver personalized content to users, and based on the content being viewed, content of a similar nature was displayed to increase visitor engagement.

Long-Term Value

With our integrations and a unified candidate experience in place, bounce rates plummeted and visitor engagement increased. Referral traffic also rose due to the high standard of personalization capturing user interest. Job opportunities from the application tracking system were also wrapped and integrated with the career site for a seamless search experience.