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Identifying CX and NPS Opportunities





Customer Experience (Cx)

Experience Management


Everything Everywhere is part of BT Group, the largest and most advanced mobile communications company in the UK, delivering mobile and fixed communications services to around 32 million customers.


Everything Everywhere wanted us to prioritize the opportunities based on EE’s existing quant data on NPS. We sought to identify opportunities that we knew would shift customer experience and NPS.


The CX-shifting opportunities identified needed to be assessed for CX impact utilizing the EE NPS Driver Model. Working with that model proved to be the central point of the build as we considered the size of impacts for each area. With that size in mind, we could use a predictive model to understand the overall NPS uplift.


Prioritization throughout the development proved to be quite the challenge. We had to determine each opportunity and prioritize them in terms of likelihood of impact and applicability to EE.

Strategy and Insight

A useful strategy throughout the build was utilizing multi-variate regression techniques to create a predictive model in order to test analysis from the EE relationship NPS survey. The size of the impacts for each area are used in the predictive model to understand the overall NPS uplift.


Live circumstance recognition and opportunities reviewed.


After assessing and streamlining 111 opportunities to deem the best 33 of highest priority to EE, we built a service with a myriad of functionalities – anytime anywhere service, one-click leave & return, multitask contact mode, chatbot dealbots, smart verifications, and other vital CX integrations.

Long-Term Value

We found that opportunities related to ‘Smart Customer’ & ‘Anytime Anyway Service’ ended up contributing the most to overall uplift. The site as a whole enjoyed that stimulus and overhaul to boost both traffic and NPS in the long run.