Recreating Bold Fashion Through a New Shopping Experience





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Founded in 1967, Fiorucci is an iconic Italian fashion label built on the values of creativity, invention, excitement, and inclusivity. Known for promoting unique, underground fashion trends from around the world, the famous label was relaunched in 2015 with new retail stores and an online eCommerce shop to cater to a global audience.

Brief is the official global online store for Fiorucci. BORN was tasked with creating a more interactive, modern online experience – all while staying true to the classic Fiorucci brand style. The team merged the best of content and eCommerce to improve the online experience and drive conversions.


Transform hard-coded areas into a CMS-based system with flexible technical capabilities. Showcase Fiorucci’s dynamic content by developing modular pages with editable content blocks. Drive conversions by making the product browsing experience more visually appealing, informative, and intuitive across multiple platforms.

Our Approach

BORN took a holistic approach to Fiorucci’s website redesign. Driven by seamless consumer experience, compelling brand story and appealing visuals, the new site was built with a flexible template approach that allows editable content blocks on a CMS-based system. The team focused on key areas, such as homepage, navigation, product listing and product detail pages, to optimize the shopping journey and improve sales conversion.

Mobile-First Design

Prioritizing mobile-first and cross-device journeys, BORN optimized web content and navigation to be more appealing when viewed on personal devices. The new mobile interface provided a consistently engaging and intuitive consumer experience, significantly driving mobile conversions.

Intuitive User Experience

The redesigned navigation experience, with more specific subcategories and clickable visual icons, makes products instantly and more intuitively shoppable.

Filter & Display

A persistent PLP filter bar makes product browsing an easier, faster, and optimized shopping experience.

Component Library

A library of flexible content modules supports dynamic campaigns and personalized content.


BORN created a seamless, interactive, and modern eCommerce site that immerses consumers in the iconic Fiorucci experience. The team transformed the web experience by implementing new CMS-based functionality and flexible content components. Taking a mobile-first approach, BORN optimized navigation and showcased dynamic, and engaging content. The improved, more intuitive shopping experience significantly contributed to Fiorucci’s uplift in sales.

Branding and Content

BORN created a new website that conveys the heritage and vision of the Fiorucci brand with a contemporary and vibrant vibe. The landing page and product detail pages were designed with a more editorial and modern approach, engaging consumers with visually appealing and informative content. A flexible component library allows the capability and flexibility to promote sales campaigns, personalized content, and dynamic elements across the site.

Functionality and Shoppability

BORN transformed the shopping experience by optimizing navigation and browsing. The redesigned the site menu included more granular subcategories and clickable visual icons for more efficient navigation. On product list pages, a new sticky filter bar was introduced for an easier, faster, and intuitive browsing experience.