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Founded in 1996, MD² originated the model of concierge medicine, building a prestigious network of the country’s most accomplished medical professionals, and dedicating them to the care of just 50 families each. While most physicians divide their attention among thousands of patients, MD² recenters medicine on the relationship of physician and patient, creating a bond that protects and strengthens each member’s life and legacy.


Even though MD² originated the concept of concierge medicine, the space had become crowded in recent years. MD² needed to reassert its identity as a singular expression of the medical vocation. They sought a website, visual identity, and storytelling that reflected their remarkable purpose, sparking the emotional connection at the core of their vision.


To create an experience that goes beyond the typical website; something that is all at once an invitation, a calling card, and a portal that would resonate with all types of users whether they’re prospective or current patients, as well as prospective physicians.


An interplay of language and design that speaks directly to patients whose lifestyles require a tailored approach to medical care.

Visual and brand identity

BORN explored multiple visual solutions and themes to reimagine what medical care looks like and how it can support the brand’s main value proposition: To provide unparalleled, personalized medical care dedicated to just 50 families per physician.

A distinctive voice 

BORN reimagined the digital experience as a conversation between the voice of a physician and their prospective patient. Framing the homepage as a conversation, rather than simply an “experience” enabled us to hone in on the most compelling aspects of being an MD² patient.

Refined user experience

To balance functionality with a premium look and feel, we approached utilities with considerations of user experience, SEO, and visual identity. For example, the two-fold Location page gives users the best possible CX to effortlessly find locations while capturing more relevant geo-locational results in organic SEO.

A conversation with the founder

To highlight the unrivaled care and expertise MD² offers, we met with the founder Dr. Howard Maron for a deep conversation to distill the practice’s guiding ethos, values, and principles. The result differentiated the brand from its competition with a strong mission and rich legacy. 


BORN conducted a creative discovery with key MD² stakeholders, including the organization’s founder. These conversations focused on values and core differentiators that set MD² apart from all other medical practices; a central theme reinforced in new content and visual branding.


BORN created an experience that “unfolds” before a reader’s eyes, guiding them through a compelling narrative woven through vertical and horizontal scrolling. Underscored through a subtle color palette, timeless graphic design, and fluid motion graphics, the new MD² experience came to life.

Long-term value

MD² has an experience that is unlike any other created for a medical practice. The organization now has a digital calling card that captures the resonant and personal relationships it fosters between physicians and their patients.