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Fraser Hart is one of the UK’s leading jewelers established in 1936 with over 40 retail shops nationwide. The brand specializes in providing bespoke jewelry and ring customization services to design unique and personalized pieces.


Fraser Hart sought to migrate to the Magento 2 platform and simultaneously reimagine their online presence through unique integrations, personalization attributes, special features, and more.


Determining the best digital solution to meet Fraser Hart’s requirements would include a multi-tenant architecture followed by enabling best-of-breed localization instances that would empower shoppers regardless of their region.


With the new site, it was critical to improve upon Fraser Hart’s site speed and reporting process. This was tackled through the revitalization of a unified experience along with a newly instilled digital architecture.

Stunning Content

Capturing Fraser Hart’s unique product catalogue across all devices was pivotal in converting and delighting customers. The resulting imagery is dynamic and allows users to experience the brand without being in the store.

Copy that Charms

Fraser Hart’s expansive product offerings spanning diamonds, rings, jewelry, designer and luxury watches, required copy that not only remained true to each individual product’s heritage but also offered unification within the site. The end result captures the Fraser Hart mission flawlessly.

Cultivating the Experience

We harmonized content, creative, and eCommerce to deliver an enagaing, luxury experience for users.

Personalization and Merchandising

With a focus on the luxury consumer and BORN Group’s expansive expertise in the space, we were able to devise a personalized user experience that would guide customers down the path of purchase.


Our solution delivered a world-class unified customer experience across Fraser Hart’s jewelry products and services. The brand’s mission to provide jewelry tailored to the individual tied well to personalization efforts online, and centralizing stock level management between stores which improved internal merchandising.


Following an eCommerce migration, product sync for real-time inventory and price, ERP integration, creative, content offerings, and more, Fraser Hart was able to achieve efficiencies for not only customers but internal stakeholders as well.

Long-term Value

Fraser Hart’s digital overhaul empowered a level of personalization and merchandising that they had not seen prior. The new site will serve as a benchmark for unique luxury brands looking to achieve digital prowess and unparalleled customer experiences.