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Nestlé Gerber is a household name in children’s nutrition. Founded in 1927 from the desire to nourish one baby, Gerber has made it their mission to support babies worldwide.


Gerber had multiple sites including and They sought to unify under a single platform so they could better connect with their loyal customers and deliver a unified digital strategy.


In addition to unification on the Magento 2 platform, Gerber sought a fully connected experience that would empower their customers to make purchases that best fit their specific needs. This strategy would be empowered by the integration of multiple features including, subscription, search, chat functionality, and more.


BORN was tasked with merging two eCommerce and content platforms while simultaneously capturing the iconic Gerber brand story throughout the user’s journey. Magento 2 proved to be an excellent tool in the migration process and was the best platform to fit the client’s needs.

BORN’s Approach

We helped power a fully responsive, commerce-enabled digital Gerber flagship. BORN’s Magento credentials and expertise, paired with experience across Nestlé brands enabled us to create a site that will serve customers for years to come.

Custom for Baby

As an individual’s subscription continues and their child grows, the contents of the box will alter based on the child’s changing nutritional needs and milestones.

Subscriptions Made Easy

When signing up for a subscription, users enter their baby’s age and name, and then experts will suggest a box based on the entered criteria. Gerber then provides a monthly delivery of cereals, pouches, snacks, stickers, and more delivered straight to the customer’s door.

Creating the Experience

Included on site was the Gerber Learning Center, the brand’s content hub, which offers access to resources, studies, and articles surrounding parenthood. This tool empowers parents to make informed decisions and offers intuitive filters to find content based on topic or milestone.

Telling the Right Story

As a household name, it was essential to stay true to the Gerber brand while providing a fresh and modern update. It was critical to maintain Gerber’s visual identity while also offering intuitive features like subscription and chat.

Security Measures

Maintaining the highest standards of security is a priority for BORN Group and it was critical that they establish compliance with Nestlé Security Standard, which is one of the highest standards of security. Going forward, security scans on the website are performed every 3 months and with any new development.

Enhancing the User Experience

Our design team worked with Gerber on continuous improvements across UX and UI. BORN’s goal was to ensure that the design and layout of the website was aligned with Nestle Infant Nutrition guidelines and guide books, with a phase 2 built around cultivating CX personalization based upon Gerber’s rich content library.