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Since its inception in Seattle almost 50 years ago, Starbucks has become the world’s largest coffeehouse chain with over 30,000 locations. Following a global licensing agreement with Nestlé to market Starbucks Consumer Packaged Goods and Foodservice products globally, Nestlé sought a powerful B2B solution that would empower and expand its network.


Nestle Coffee Partners sought to reimagine its B2B experience for its customers, many of which were within the hospitality, healthcare, and education industries. Customers needed an easy way to order coffee supplies, download marketing materials, and access price catalogs online. Nestle was on an antiquated platform and needed a better solution to meet user and business needs.


Create a personalized, mobile-friendly B2B experience for users, allowing them to self-service marketing and supply needs. Offer dynamic price books per customer.


The solution needed to handle specific requirements and expected digital growth, as it was their fastest-growing channel. It was imperative that users could easily self-serve any needs they had, from purchases to marketing materials, rather than relying on their sales rep.


Today, B2B users expect a B2C experience and personalization is a key component to retaining, delighting, and attracting customers. Users needed to access catalogs that were personalized to their industry needs, as different industries had specific supply requirements.

A Complete Self-Service Experience

Users had the ability to access downloadable training material, associated with their previous purchase history, so they could further their product education as needed.

Campaign Creation

It was critical to give users the ability to manage pages and create campaigns easily, as the content needed to be updated seasonally.

A Mobile-First Approach

BORN ensured the site was a mobile-first experience, allowing busy users to view supplies, marketing materials, recipes, and more while on the go.


BORN delivered a scalable eCommerce platform within a short timeline. It gave Starbucks the unique ability to meet growing demand and enabled them to easily manage the storefront with a limited need for an internal technology team.