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Since 1887, Yamaha has acted as a global influencer in the music space with its commitment to finely crafted instruments, state-of-the-art AV equipment, and widespread music education programs. Their brand slogan, “Make Waves”, aims to inspire self-expression and spread the joy of playing and listening to music.


Although the Yamaha name is well-known, most consumers aren’t aware of their full music product offering, causing them to get lost amongst their competitors. We were tasked with integrating their two existing sites into one, creating a seamless experience for both new and returning users.


Immerse customers in the Yamaha universe and become the platform of choice for audio products and instruments. Aim to improve engagement and conversion with a frictionless, discoverable, one-stop shopping experience.


Yamaha needed to have a compelling, best-in-class digital shopping experience in order to transform into a truly customer-centric retailer. This required a robust eCommerce platform that served the right tools and content to help users find the products they desired.

BORN Approach

We created a fully responsive, commerce-enabled global digital flagship. By taking a phased approach, we were able to capture the right set of features and deliver a meaningful experience that connected systems, procedures, touch-points, and interactions.

Making Waves

Designed dynamic patterns blended with imagery to bring the Yamaha story to life.

Now Streaming

We created a streamlined view of Yamaha’s products, with a custom feature that allows users to listen to a sound bite of each product.

Creating the Experience

We brought content, creative, and experience design together to create a unique expression of the Yamaha brand — ensuring customers are met with exactly what they’re looking for.

Telling the Right Story

Our focus was on creating a meaningful digital experience to ensure Yamaha’s story was told to the right users, at the right time, and in the right way. We leveraged analytics to ensure every decision was driven by actionable data to increase conversion, Average Order Value (AOV), and stickiness on their site.

Delivering on the Vision

During the discovery phase, we conducted user research activities to become fully immersed in the Yamaha brand vision, existing experience, business goals, competitive landscape, and key technical considerations. This informed the blueprint for the entire project.

Enhancing the User Experience

Our UX & Design teams analyzed user behavior to create a better overall user experience for the new Yamaha website. We created an experiential and visual design direction that laid the foundation for all digital environments, all while ensuring emotional resonance with Yamaha customers.