Enhanced Shopping Experience Through UX/UI





Brand Experience (Bx)

Customer Experience (Cx)



Strategy and Consulting


Pantaloons is a division of ‘Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd.’ (ABFRL). One of India’s most loved fashion brands, with 344+ stores across 170+ towns and cities. Pantaloons offer a versatile collection of retail goods with over 100 licensed and international brands, including their exclusive in-house brands.

Brief is the official online store for Pantaloons in India. BORN was tasked with designing a new eCommerce website for a personalized shopping experience through upgraded UX/UI strategy and mobile app development.


Pantaloons’ website required fresh UI designs and an enhanced personalized customer journey through third-party API integration. A mobile app also needed to be developed across multiple devices to improve brand recognition, conversion rates and revenue growth.

Our Approach

The goal of this project was to revitalize the UX/UI through creative discovery and data gathering. The BORN teams utilized technology including Adobe and Clevertap for data collection, NodeJs for API development and Algonomy for real-time decision making. This integration of software created a customized shopping experience for increased sales revenue.

Omnichannel Enhancement

BORN developed a new eCommerce site with a fresh UI/UX design and personalized customer journey.

Data Analytics

BORN team utilized Adobe and Clevertap to track user behavior through advanced data analytics.


BORN integrated backend systems through pre-existing APIs and services and developed new APIs using NodeJs.

Decision-Making Software

BORN installed Algonomy (real-time algorithmic decision platform) to deliver personalized content, user search-ability and customized user recommendations.