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Sour Patch Kids is one of the most recognizable candy brands manufactured by Mondelez. Originally created in the 1970s, they always remain true to their slogan: “Sour. Sweet. Gone”.


BORN was approached to fully design and deploy the Sour Patch Kids website onto the Magento 2 platform to drive the eCommerce business, provide personalization for Sour Patch Kids products, and expand regular offerings by encouraging bundle sales and gifting.


Power easy-to-use personalization features for gifting. Deliver responsive, mobile-first designs that truly reflect Sour Patch Kids’ brand identity. Improve engagement, conversion, and AOV by allowing easy checkout and high customization options. Adhere to AA ADA compliance.

The Challenge

BORN set out to establish a digital presence on a tight deadline for a product that was not commonly ordered in bulk online. It was essential that the Sour Patch team achieved a level of personalization and user experience that would keep their customers engaged.

Our Approach

Personalization was a key component of the Sour Patch Kids site. The brand was able to partner with Doogma, a user-friendly tool that allowed them to deliver a ‘Make My Mix’ feature where users could create and personalize their own unique flavor mix and packaging.

Candy-lovers can view their finalized customized purchase before adding to cart. Customization allows users to create the perfect gift, order a selection of their favorite flavors, and more.

Make My Mix

This feature allows customers to create a custom mix of flavors ranging from individual packets to party bags. Users can choose to personalize the box itself, allowing users to add names or fun phrases in the Sour Patch font.

Creating the experience

Maintaining the brand identity throughout the site, BORN created a striking, seamless customer experience and captured the mischievous spirit of Sour Patch Kids. Ample usage of the Sour Patch Kids mascot in fun poses helped humanize the brand and exemplify their playful nature.