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The Stylist Group is a female-focused media company targeting metropolitan women. Through high-frequency print and non-stop mobile-first content, Stylist reaches a monthly audience of over 4 million. Feminism, equality, and female empowerment are at the heart of Stylist’s work.


Although BORN had supported Stylist with its weekly printed magazine production since its 2009 launch, recent years had seen a shift in how audiences wanted to consume content. BORN was chosen to deploy Stylist’s digital-first publishing strategy.


BORN was tasked with delivering a solution that would enable Stylist’s audience to digest content across multiple devices. As such, the long- and well-established print edition required migration to a digital-first environment.


Stylist still wanted to retain its print edition, so their digital content had to be harmonious in tone of voice as well as overall style and aesthetics.

Strategy & Insight

With the execution of an effective content management tool, Stylist was able to take its first steps into digital publishing while still remaining true to their print heritage.


BORN implemented its new content production tool, Cito, to handle Stylist’s requirements. Cito takes the final editorial copy and images directly from the source and applies predefined style guidelines to align with the print edition.


Readers are now able to consume Stylist’s content on the move as well as in the comfort of their homes or offices. Our content management tool, Cito, ensures bite-size content is delivered on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Long-Term Value

A gradual migration to a digital-first initiative enabled Stylist to measure and analyze its content performance, delivering insightful metrics for informed decisions around future content deployment.