Project Marketplace






Astra International is one of Indonesia’s largest conglomerates incorporated in 1957. is a marketplace product from Astra Digital that serves new and used purchases, trade-in vehicles, car sales, booking services, purchasing spare parts, insurance, financial services, and property.


Astra sought a scalable digital platform for new and used cars business units that could provide an end-to-end solution for buyers and sellers to interact seamlessly and increase sales, integrate with an in-house lead management system to track leads placed on the website and seamless management of product and site content on SAP CX.


They needed a stable, unified, and scalable solution that could be extended to all business units within Astra and required a short timeline for the project to be implemented.


Many regional challenges were faced at the start of this project, including business readiness, as they were lacking sufficient resources to support during the implementation phase. Collaborative program governance was also needed to be put in place to ensure a smooth delivery.

BORN Approach

Through a seamless management of product and site content on SAP CX, we were able to bring the experience to life for buyers and sellers alike to interact and sell.

Unifying the Experience

With the digitalization of the platform, PT Astra needed to provide seven business units through one unified customer experience.

A seamless shopping journey

We reimagined the user journey, ensuring that it was easy to access critical pages like the test drive signup, my account, PDP and PLPs. An engaging vehicle selection page was created, providing the user personalized recommendations for vehicles based on their preferences.


The first successful launch of new cars on the site in 2017 marked the first key milestone, and over time we added lead capture, test drive capture, API implementations, credit calculators, and integration with WordPress for content adds to unleash Astra’s brand and commerce capabilities at its highest potential.