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Tanishq is a beloved jewelry brand in India. Coined by Mr. Xerxes Desai by marrying the words ‘Tan’, meaning body, and ‘Nishk’, meaning a gold ornament, Tanishq is a name synonymous with superior craftsmanship, exclusive designs, and superlative product quality.


To better serve their growing customer base, Tanishq wanted to reimagine how they sold to their customers through their digital channels. They sought a content-rich, mobile-first eCommerce presence to serve customers 24-7.


Become the ultimate discovery and shopping experience for luxury jewelry. Clearly introduce Tanishq’s craftsmanship and philosophy. Think and act in an omnichannel way to grow digital opportunities.
The Challenge

We needed to bring the same feeling of in-person shopping online, ensuring the user was able to explore the beautiful and intricate pieces without physically touching them. This required an immersive, content-heavy site with rich product detail. 

A Focus on Editorial Content

Stories of the craftsmanship behind each piece were included throughout the site to better educate both new and returning users on their products.

Improved Product Filtering

We ensured the user’s journey was seamless across all devices and created an intuitive filtering system so they were always met with their product.


The site was designed to provide Tanishq with flexible media-rich modules for storytelling and editorial content.

Enhancing Product Detail Pages

Products were brought to life with a new, redesigned PDP, including crisp imagery with detailed descriptions to ensure users would feel comfortable buying online.

Educational Guides

To ensure customers could have a similar experience online as they would in-store, we created modules to support how-to guides on everything from types of metals to occasion-based buying.


The new eCommerce site not only gave users a better end-to-end shopping experience, it allowed the brand to better serve their customers.

Tanishq was able to add store inventory functionality so users can see the inventory of a specific item at their nearest store, creating a true omnichannel experience.