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Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company, offering a full range of communications services. This extends to 17.7 million retail mobile services, 4.9 million retail fixed-voice services, and 3.6 million retail fixed-broadband services.


Telstra was struggling with tedious manual tasks, high operating costs, low digital touch for end users, and broken processes. They engaged our team to digitally transform their operations, improve performance, and reduce human effort.


Redesign work flows with integrated digital solutions to reduce customer and agency effort. Improve lead times, digital penetration, and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) while also reducing operating costs. Ultimately, improve customer satisfaction with Telstra’s services.


Telstra had multiple partners that added unnecessary complexity to their operations and who were not performing to expectations. Our team needed to outperform incumbent vendors and prove the value of our capabilities.


We implemented digital process improvements to more than 61 processes with a powerful RPA, AI, and workflow combination. More than 18 bots were integrated, including Live Chat, to streamline customer support management. We revamped training content and introduced new dashboards for ineffective truck rolls and troubleshooting sequences.


Our engagement reduced manual human effort by 70% and positively impacted the user experience, with NPS scores improving by 45 points for NBN. Our truck roll process improvements eliminated the scope of error and improved accuracy, resulting in an over AUD$5 million benefit.

Recognition & Value

While initially engaged for one work stream, our performance saw us rapidly scale and move to 18 work streams within one year. As a result of our reduction of cycle times and improved NPS, our team won Telstra’s Best Innovation Award.