Helping automate content management.

Video Unlimited: Transform Your Workflows

  • Transform production workflows from pre to post and realize cloud-efficiencies, minimizing license expenditure while focusing on content creation, delivery, and monetization by leveraging our microservices-based platform – Video Unlimited.
  • As a scalable solution, it can be implemented on the cloud or on-premise. Each microservice can be easily integrated with third-party systems through APIs.

ERP Solutions: Transform your Enterprise Footprint 

  • Rights and contract management is becoming complex with the content being viewed on multiple devices in different geographies. Contract management has become a challenge. It could mean the current enterprise solutions will be obsolete in the face of increasingly complex supply-chain systems.
  • Custom modernization and integration with key industry systems will be essential to manage contract risk, ensuring your content gets delivered to the market, anywhere, anytime.

Enterprise Infrastructure Optimization: Rationalize your IT Footprint

  • Media organizations have been through acquisitions and organic growth that has resulted in a fragmented IT infrastructure spread across the business and geographic boundaries. We help assess and strategically rationalize IT footprint to allow investments in areas that drive growth.

Book of Record (Br)

Provide a single source of truth through an aggregated book of record.

Our practice spans ERP, OMS and CRM related service offerings to assure your digital solution is running in peak condition.

Book of Record (Br)