Book of Record (Br)

As an agency and consultancy that creates CRM and ERP solutions, we’re well positioned to help create your single source of truth through an aggregated book of record.

We centralize customer data to lay the foundation for your business.

The customer journey impacts most functions within an organization. At the same time, the base layer of your digital stack serves as the book of record, providing a single location for all customer interactions.

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are the bedrock of a customer-centric organization, where data is captured and used to better understand the customer. Lead intelligence can then help identify marketing qualified leads who are more likely to become a customer. Enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) are the enterprise engines, where orders, procurement, and the corresponding in and outflow of cash are recorded.

As a practice, our ERP consulting team has delivered over 50 ERP implementations and global rollouts, and our CRM experts have helped leading brands identify marketing qualified leads to drive customer acquisition.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is the core of a customer-centric organization, where data is captured and used to better understand the customer. By using SQL database language as a tool, marketers can perform quantitative analyses of their customers.

Order Management Systems (OMS)

Order Management Systems (OMS), which during the course of orchestrating orders between channels, handles their sourcing, allocations, returns, and fulfillment. A powerful OMS is key in distributing products in a timely and effective manner, and the backbone for customer transactions.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The engine of an enterprise is within its ERP system. A customers ERP includes books such as the general ledger, book of sales, cashbook, the inventory master, human resources, domain-specific back-office systems such as business support systems (BSS) and operational support systems (OSS), and billing. With 20+ years of delivery, our ERP practice has delivered 50+ ERP implementations and global rollouts and 100+ projects executed across enhancements and managed support.

Keeping the customer journey connected.

How We Transform


Net Development and Biztalk Integrations

Oracle DBA

Infor’s LN, Syteline, BPCS, M3 ERP products

Development on ION platform

AS400 Development and Support

QAD ERP: Enterprise and Standard Editions

Progress Database

NetSuite: ERP & eCommerce Suite

SuiteApp Development

Integrations using Delboomi and more

Industry domain expertise across Manufacturing, A&D, Projects, Service, Telecom, Power, and more


Leading book of record support starts with SAP ERP.

SAP ERP is a leading application that empowers brands to manage every facet of their company. The back-end system incorporates all capabilities spanning, supply chain management, product lifecycle management, human capital management, financial management, and customer relationship management solutions, within a single resource. SAP ERP can be conveyed as a SaaS administration, on-premise, or a hybrid model.

This one-size-fits-all technology can accommodate any business type and is scalable for future growth. With SAP ERP businesses have access to fundamental applications, analytical tools, and information that can ease your processes and serve as a competitive advantage, regardless of what products and services you sell.


Additional Solutions

Oracle + NetSuite

NetSuite is the world’s leading provider of cloud-based business management software and helps companies manage core business processes with a single, fully integrated system.



Microsoft Dynamics is a line of enterprise resource planning (ERP, customer relationship management software) and omnichannel commerce tools.


Additional Services

Pitching, Forecasting and Project Management

We empower brands to manage projects and the investments made on them efficiently. With centralized solutions that streamline all processes, estimation management is simplified, customer acquisition costs are reduced, and client satisfaction is drastically improved.

Resourcing, Execution, and Delivery

Optimize staffing budgets, anticipate future demands, and plan skill utilization across every aspect of your business. With implementation services scoping Operations Analysis, Solutions Design, Gap Analysis, Customization, Production Set-Up and Transitions, we help to improve planning and execution, track financial metrics from start to finish, and increase cash flow with precise and accurate billing.


Access a more reliable billing process with revenue recognition automation. Gain insight into profit margins while reducing inefficiencies in operational processes. Maximize both efficiency and profit with increased transparency.

Full End-to-End Support

From product implementations to global templates and rollouts, we tailor the right solution for your needs and augment it with ongoing service offerings, including:

– Consulting for ERP Product Selection
– Product Implementations
– Application Support, Maintenance
– Upgrades to latest solutions
– Enhancements and Integrations Development
– Code Management
– Cloud Migrations

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