BORN Group elevates luxury brands through digital transformations, meaningful content and creative, and CX-centered commerce.

Digital storytelling sits at the core of our luxury practice.

At our luxury practice, we offer a range of services that focus on elevating high-profile brands through exceptional digital experiences. We understand that luxury brands require a digital-first approach that incorporates immersive storytelling and engaging experiences to bring the in-store experience online seamlessly.

Our luxury website design and development services are a critical component of our practice, as we believe that leading with an immersive and engaging digital experience is essential for the success of a luxury brand. With a focus on creating an exceptional user experience across all relevant touchpoints, our team uses their expertise to cultivate desire and foster transformative growth.


Compelling creative is imperative for luxury brands, but it must do more than engage. Our creative approach allows us to immediately immerse ourselves in your brand, understanding their complete journey from awareness to advocacy, finding where opportunities lie. We give careful consideration to color palettes, typography, and layouts to resonate with your target audience. 



Luxury consumers seek a highly personalized, content-rich experience across all touchpoints. From lookbook imagery to high-end editorial video content, we create impactful content fit for the luxury consumer. We ensure brand consistency across all channels, whether on site or throughout your owned social media channels.



Luxury brands demand a best-in-class eCommerce solution flexible enough to met user demands of personalized experiences, smooth user experience, and a simplified checkout process. Through our consulting, technology roadmaps, and platform assessment offerings, we’ll guide you to find the best platform for your current and future needs.


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