Engineering & Physical Design
Improve productivity, visibility and efficiency across manufacturing and retail service environments.

From defining the product through to executing in-market, we help retail and consumer brands achieve responsible and rapid implementation.

We support end-to-end realization with expertise in sustainability, in-store experience and go-to market approaches.

Brand Protection
Protect against counterfeiting & tampering with solutions tailored specifically to business needs
Consumer-Centric Business Models
Create product-centric business models where consumers are charged on a pay-per-use basis
Sustainability Reporting
Reporting and dashboarding of sustainability parameters based on key performance indicators and regulatory guidelines

Organizational Carbon Footprint Analysis
Understand sources of Green House Gas emissions across the company’s full operations and identify reduction strategies
Product Carbon Footprint
Understand the sources of carbon footprint for a specific product and improve product design and reporting
Store Experience
Reimagine the shopping experience to delight customers and enhance loyalty
Cross-Channel Experience
Solutions that merge the Physical & Digital into one delightful and intuitive shopping experience for customers
Improve production planning through digital simulation
Plant Simulation
Analyze and optimize the manufacturing process using simulation to relieve bottlenecks and maximize throughput
Process Simulation
Virtual validation of production plant to optimize and commission complex manufacturing process