Retail & Consumer Products

BORN Group enables retailers to stay ahead of changing consumer demands through a suite of digital transformation solutions and enterprise applications.

Driving the digital retail revolution demands consistent innovation.

Retail digital transformation is essential for staying competitive in today’s fast-paced market. Our $500M business unit has extensive experience in retail business solutions and supports over 90 clients globally. We understand the importance of retail CX and can completely transform the user experience, while also helping our clients save costs and improve turn-around time for program launches by an average of 50%.

Our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of different retail verticals, such as fashion & apparel, food & grocery, and beauty & personal care. We leverage smart technology solutions to optimize operations and improve the customer experience across every touchpoint.

Fashion & Apparel

Our solutions empower fashion brands to deliver unparalleled value across the complete fiber-to-fashion lifecycle. We help retailers reduce operational costs and maximize profits with the most innovative solutions across every consumer touchpoint.

Food & Grocery

Our smart technology solutions enable a seamless farm-to-fork lifecycle and enhance convenience for shoppers. AI-driven solutions that optimize shelf-life and prolong brand choice for consumers maximize strategic goals while increasing loyalty, revenues, and profits.

Beauty & Personal Care

We co-innovate with beauty & personal care brands to create experiences that cross the digital and physical divide. Leveraging technologies such as IoT, AI, Mobility, and Analytics, we can understand beauty & personal care consumers like never before, driving incredible new ways to engage.

Industry Services

How We Help

Customer Experience (Cx)

Our Cx offering converges Creative, Content and Commerce into one digital experience to give brands the competitive edge.


Information Tech

Leverage the technology that accelerates digital transformation.


Enterprise Applications

Improve productivity and efficiency with solutions that enhance the entire business process.


Evolve at speed through optimization and automation.

Retail and consumer brands have to constantly adapt to changing customer needs and behaviors.

Our team caters to these ever-evolving needs knowing that speed is key for success within this changing environment.

As a preferred partner across the full spectrum of creative and technology services, we ensure our clients achieve cost savings, optimized performance, and improved efficiencies at pace and scale.

Industry Services

Engineering & Physical Design

Reimagine manufacturing and retail service environments to improve productivity and efficiency.


Business Process Operations

Transform operations to capture growth at every available opportunity.


Supply Chain

Enhance and strengthen the entire supply chain with real-time end-to-end visibility.


Data Science

Evolve faster and improve performance as an intelligent enterprise.


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Data Science & Experience

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