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When the lockdown order came at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses scrambled to convert their daily operations to remote workspaces. Luckily, we live in an age that offers enough technology, such as high-speed internet, online payments, and video conferencing, to make work from home (WFH) successful. Although WFH was difficult for some businesses, […]
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We conclude our three part exploration into our future relationship with retail and how do we navigate this “new Normal”.   Stores And Malls Will Need To Rethink Existing Spaces  Before the pandemic the US had the most retail square footage per capita in the world, but now with more people shopping online, retailers don’t […]
Airports are undergoing an evolution to improve the customer experience and generate profits. Realizing their potential to be more than just travel hubs, airports are exploring innovative ways to make guests feel safer, provide unique shopping experiences and make time in the terminal more meaningful. Imagine a space similar to a lounge or upscale shopping […]
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We continue our exploration of the current and future shape of retail around the globe as brands commence the lengthy road of recovery for some and normality for most. What will the new retail landscape look like? Now that the wide scale lockdowns are mostly over, supply chain issues and staffing woes still abound, hampering […]
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Nothing could have prepared retailers for Covid. Since the pandemic forced the first widespread lockdowns in living memory, some have collapsed, the pandemic hastening their demise after a lackluster few years. Others survived but are changing their business models and spaces, looking for new ways to maintain sales and profits. A third set are buoyant, […]